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W,T,R Endorsements


Do you drive a special-type vehicle that isn't a forklift on the road?

If so you must have a W, T or R endorsement on your driver licence.

Courses include theory and practical components and can include;

  •        W     endorsement - vehicles that run on wheels that aren’t forklifts, passenger vehicles, tractors, fire engines, trade vehicles or vehicle recovery service vehicle.

  •         R      endorsement - vehicles that run on rollers.

  •         T       endorsement  - vehicles that run on self-laying tracks.

The size weight and speed of the vehicle will be relevant to the class of licence you hold*

Please contact us for booking options


  •            Must hold a minimum of a full Class 1 licence.

  •            Be 16 years of age or over

**Using customer provided equipment (Equipment can be provided at extra cost)