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About Us

About Us


Major Oak Road Education Ltd (MORE) is a division of the Major Oak Group Ltd.

Headed by our Managing Director Merritt Watson, MORE is dedicated to the development, improvement and assessment of people and companies that occupy our roads.

New Zealand has a very proud association with road transport and our aim is to continually provide new and existing road users with the skills and knowledge to stay safe.

Our team possesses the passion, drive and experience to ensure that safety and quality are assured and delivered with every course.

Our client base is shared with our sister company in the group, Major Oak Safety training Ltd (MOST) which enables us to not only cover all your transport and road education needs but offer a complete health and safety package for your training and assessment requirements.

Our Client base ranges from the bottom of the South Island to the middle of Northland, we are proud to offer and service everywhere in between, we do not franchise so you are guaranteed the same great quality and consistency on every course.

So what are you waiting for?

Lets get trucking!