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Stuart Hindley is our founding director and head of the Major Oak Group.

Stuart moved to New Zealand from England in 2006 he has lived, worked and visited all over New Zealand.

After working for a training organisation and training in lots of others, Stuart founded Major Oak to ensure that people get the engaging and relevant assessing or training they deserve and not the "bums on seats"  philosophy style of training or assessing.

Just like the acorn to the Major Oak, Stuart progressed from worker to senior management and now business director, Stuart prides himself and the business on being able to communicate at all levels of the business structure and client base.

As a hands-on professional Stuart has worked around the world as a heavy vehicle / machinery technician covering land and sea applications with the only exceptions being Trains and planes he has a passion for all things mechanical and industrial.

Stuart is also a seasoned hospitality / tourism facility manager and health and safety manager.

His Personal Qualifications include but not limited to:

  • National Certificate Health and Safety Management Level 4 

  • National Certificate Health and Safety co-ordination Level 3 
  • NZ Certificate Crane operations Level 3 

    (Gantry, Mobile, Truck loader, Mini crawler, self erecting tower)

  • National Certificate in business management 
  • Fully qualified driving instructor 

  • Indigenous Studies: Australia and New Zealand 

Stuart just loves to use his hands on practical knowledge and experience to ensure that your training or assessing is fun practical and most of all relevant. 


Merritt is the Managing Director and lead trainer / assessor for Major Oak Road Education Ltd (MORE).

Prior to becoming a driver trainer / assessor and taking up his role and partnership with Stuart and the Major Oak Group Merritt was very heavily involved in the transport and logistics industry from soft produce through to containers as well as area management for a large transport company.

Merritt has a wealth of experience in transport and logistics from starting out as a van driver to working through the heavy vehicle licences, he has extensive experience in the following vehicle combination

- Truck
- Truck + Trailer
- Sideloader / swinglift
- B-Trains
- Tractor Unit + Semi Trailers
- H-Permits for all of the above up to 50 tonne gvm

All with a variety of transmissions 

- Syncro Boxes
- Standard Manual
- Road Ranger
- 18-Speed
- 15-Speed
- Semi-Automatic
- Full Automatic

So it is fair to say that if it is road going there is a good chance Merritt has driven it and is well equipped to come and train / assess your needs.


Vanessa Hindley is Stuart's Wife (Full Time) and the group administrator part time.

Vanessa is primarily a rural Hospice nurse, she has a huge passion for helping people and ensuring that everyone is looked after in both her roles.

Vanessa is the unsung hero of Major Oak she keeps the bills paid and all the credit reporting in line to ensure there is a nice smooth transition from initial customer contact to completion of services.

As Major Oak continues to grow Vanessa will move more to a full time role within the business  to ensure that there is never a gap in quality.